• Melbourne Star

    Weekly Review – 11/11

    This week’s review is a bit of a short one as I last posted only five days ago. Each week seems to be going quicker and quicker but then I remember we’ve only been here just over a month. That’s absolutely crazy as I feel so settled. Time is starting to slow down. Last week I threw it back to 2005 and bought an Element skateboard. Now I cannot skate at all but, once we’re in the campervan, it’ll be perfect for nipping around town. Also, I really want to get those classic Instagram shots skating on empty Outback roads. Maybe I’ll learn some tricks as well. This week’s highlights…

  • House of Vans VW

    Weekly Review – 04/11

    I’m a few days late with this week’s ‘weekly review’ so I’m sorry about that if you’ve been patiently waiting.  The reason is I got a job at late notice; I had the interview on the 10th and started on the 13th.  Well I only lasted two days before realising seven hours of call centre work just wasn’t for me.  Whilst the pay was good (close to what I was being paid as a lawyer), I didn’t come all the way to Australia to work in a call centre selling discounted electricity. I’ve been practicing a lot with filmmaking recently and, hopefully, I’ll be able to show off what I’ve…

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground Tour

    Weekly Review – 28/10

    Well another week has passed in this beautiful country although I wish I could say the same about the weather.  The weather has been awful really with cloudy rainy days averaging around 14 degrees.  It’s been the coldest start to November for twenty years! Last week’s article didn’t seem to go down too well; barely anyone read it.  Only 36 people.  It doesn’t matter too much however as these articles are simply to keep family and friends up to date.  My top article happens to be the one of my photos of Prague which has gone crazy thanks to StumbleUpon.  We’re both starting to feel as though we should get…

  • Smith Street - Collingwood

    Weekly Review – 21/10

    In addition to the new fortnightly photo posts, I am now going to write a post each week summarising what went down.  Kind of like a weekly review except with no bosses and no targets.  Not only will it be a good way for family and friends to keep up to date, we will be able to look back and reminiscence once our travels are over. I easily forget what we’ve done each week; not because it’s boring and unremarkable but because we’re seeing so much.  Also, every day is like the weekend and I’m not stuck in the same old routine.  My brain doesn’t know what’s hit it. In…