• Vanlife in Australia

    Vanlife in Australia: The Statistics

    From late December 2017 to mid June 2018, I lived in a tiny metal box on wheels having the time of my life.  One small campervan gave Emma and I complete freedom; we could do what we wanted, when we wanted.  If we wanted to eat breakfast overlooking the coast, track down aboriginal hand paintings, explore prehistoric rainforests or simply sleep, we could.  Welcome to vanlife in Australia! I’ve said this before but there is absolutely no better way to experience all Australia has to offer than in a campervan.  From the unimaginable overnight heat, endless horizons and kangaroos coming to have a sniff around, these experiences all get under…

  • Uluru, Australia

    The Lap of Australia – The End of the Road

    11th June to 17th June Uluru to Tennant Creek After the mammoth of a drive last week, we planned to stay one more night at Uluru so we could see the giant red rock from up close as well as the National Park’s other highlight, Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). Once we were done here, the journey would continue back the way we came straight through the middle of Australia and on up to Darwin. 1,945 kilometres! Monday – Uluru Our Monday morning started early with us joining the 6am convoy into the National Park. It costs $25 per adult to enter the park for three days which is worth it.…

  • Outback Queensland

    The Lap of Australia – Week Twelve

    4th June to 10th June Cairns to Uluru If you read last week’s instalment, you’ll know that we finally finished road tripping up the East Coast of Australia. Next on our agenda was to travel right to centre of the Australian continent to Uluru. For those who haven’t heard of Uluru (most commonly known as Ayer’s Rock), it’s essentially a huge red rock in the middle of the desert. It is an extremely spiritual place to the local indigenous people and a world-famous tourist attraction. So, this week will mostly be taken up with driving 2,800km through a whole load of emptiness. Not the most exciting of week’s for you…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week Eleven

    28th May to 3rd June Cairns to Cape Tribulation (and back again) So this is it, the final week of our adventure up the East Coast of Australia. From Sydney to Cape Tribulation; a journey of approximately 6,000 kilometres and countless hours on the road. This week we drove from Cairns to Cape Tribulation, visited Port Douglas and snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef. This is the what dreams are made of right? Cape Tribulation Whilst most roadtrippers may end their long journey at Cairns, the largest city for miles, we decided to press on as far as the tarmac goes. Cape Tribulation is quite literally the end of the road,…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week Ten

    21st May to 27th May Bowen to Cairns Wow! I can’t believe we’re here; ten weeks into the lap of Australia and we’ve practically made to the end of stage one. The East Coast of Australia has been travelled by so many people but that’s often where it ends. I’m excited to reach tropical North Queensland but also excited to continue this journey west. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, there’s still a tonne of stuff to see up here. Some of these places need blog posts for themselves which I’ll hopefully get around to. Townsville The first of the two major cities left on the East Coast, I’ve…

  • Bundaberg Rum Distillery

    The Lap of Australia – Week Eight

    7th May to 13th May Bundaberg As I said in my last post, I’m afraid I don’t have much for you this week. Our new job continued with delivering more yellow pages until Wednesday when we were told there was no more work.  Well there was some work but it meant a return drive of 5 hours each day and no-one was going to do that! Unfortunately, on Wednesday morning, we’d paid upfront for another seven days at the caravan park in Bundaberg.  It wouldn’t have been so much of an issue if we had a pitch that wasn’t squashed between two permanent sites.  We decided to use the rest…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week Six

    23rd April to 29th April Brisbane to Hervey Bay Six weeks into the lap of Australia and here’s another weekly update of we did this, we did that.  There’s still people reading them so hopefully I’m keeping it interesting enough for you.  It’s quite hard to make a journal interesting without being too long.  I’ve been handwriting in a journal with daily updates but I can’t fit all of that here.  In any event, I’ve got photos that I want to show you! Brisbane As I mentioned in last week’s update, this week started creating family portraits with koalas.  Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is home to 130 of the cute…

  • Byron Bay Surfer

    The Lap of Australia – Week Four

    9th April to 15th April New Italy to Springbrook National Park Wow these weeks are getting jam-packed.  The East Coast of Australia can be travelled in less than a month but there’s so much to see and do, we’re taking two! This week we headed to Byron Bay for four nights.  This is the one place we couldn’t afford to free camp; there are signs everywhere saying that fines could exceed $3,000.  We settled on the Discovery Parks campsite as we only had to pay for three nights instead of four.  It worked out a bargain for the area at $37.50 a night.  The only downside was that it was…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week Three

    Monday 2nd April to Sunday 8th April Buladelah to New Italy Our time in Buladelah finally came to an end on Tuesday 3rd April after the madness of Easter had passed.  We could now continue our journey north, via a few detours of course. Instead of immediately taking the highway, we drove straight to the coast road through to Seal Rocks.  We’d read that the walk up to the lighthouse was good and that you could often see seals on the rocks.  Hence the name.  A storm had been predicted but luckily it passed within minutes and it was boiling hot again.  The lighthouse was situated on top of a…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week Two

    Monday 26th March to Sunday 1st April Port Stephens to Buladelah We didn’t get too far this week after setting off from Port Stephens on Tuesday.  We were conscious that it was Easter weekend so all campsites would be full and the roads would be jam-packed.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get too far but heard that Buladelah was a good little stop off.  The plan was to see out Easter before moving on again. The first port of call was to drive through Myall Lakes National Park, only a stone’s throw from Nelson Bay over the water, but an 80km drive.  We stopped at Jimmy’s Beach to look back on Port…