• Flagstaff Gardens

    Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

    I don’t want to make too many people jealous but, as I sit here and type this post, I’m sat in 30 degree heat in Flagstaff Gardens. Everyone else seems to have the same idea too. There are people playing frisbee, playing guitar and doing yoga. I’m not sure anyone actually works out here. I could get used to this lifestyle. According to the many plaques, the gardens are named after the flag pole that was situated at the top of the hill. The settlers could send signals down to the ships in the docklands. Now though, you cannot quite see the docklands but it’s still a beautiful place to…

  • Australian Intersection

    Welcome to Melbourne

    I can’t believe it’s a week now since we moved to Melbourne, Australia.  I’m only just starting to feel awake again thanks to jet lag, something I’ve never experienced before.  I’ve read that, for every time zone you cross during a flight, it takes one day to recover.  I count ten and therefore, hopefully, by Wednesday I should be feeling as fresh as a daisy.  Whilst we are such a long way from home, it really doesn’t feel like it.  Everything we have seen so far is very familiar and we’re able to speak with family and friends like normal. This week has mostly been spent settling in to our…