• Vanlife in Australia

    Vanlife in Australia: The Statistics

    From late December 2017 to mid June 2018, I lived in a tiny metal box on wheels having the time of my life.  One small campervan gave Emma and I complete freedom; we could do what we wanted, when we wanted.  If we wanted to eat breakfast overlooking the coast, track down aboriginal hand paintings, explore prehistoric rainforests or simply sleep, we could.  Welcome to vanlife in Australia! I’ve said this before but there is absolutely no better way to experience all Australia has to offer than in a campervan.  From the unimaginable overnight heat, endless horizons and kangaroos coming to have a sniff around, these experiences all get under…

  • Bundaberg Rum Distillery

    The Lap of Australia – Week Eight

    7th May to 13th May Bundaberg As I said in my last post, I’m afraid I don’t have much for you this week. Our new job continued with delivering more yellow pages until Wednesday when we were told there was no more work.  Well there was some work but it meant a return drive of 5 hours each day and no-one was going to do that! Unfortunately, on Wednesday morning, we’d paid upfront for another seven days at the caravan park in Bundaberg.  It wouldn’t have been so much of an issue if we had a pitch that wasn’t squashed between two permanent sites.  We decided to use the rest…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week Two

    Monday 26th March to Sunday 1st April Port Stephens to Buladelah We didn’t get too far this week after setting off from Port Stephens on Tuesday.  We were conscious that it was Easter weekend so all campsites would be full and the roads would be jam-packed.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get too far but heard that Buladelah was a good little stop off.  The plan was to see out Easter before moving on again. The first port of call was to drive through Myall Lakes National Park, only a stone’s throw from Nelson Bay over the water, but an 80km drive.  We stopped at Jimmy’s Beach to look back on Port…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia – Week One

    Saturday 17th March to Sunday 25th March Sydney to Port Stephens   We’ve now started the lap of Australia and, due to some crazy weather, we haven’t travelled too far up the East Coast. We set off from Sydney in Saturday’s crazy traffic driving north over the Harbour Bridge to our first stop-off; North Curl Curl Beach.  I love drone photography and I had to capture one of Sydney’s most famous rockpools for my own collection.  It did not disappoint.  The only downside was the feeling when my drone disconnected entirely from the controller over the sea.  I’ve read stories of people’s drones disconnecting and literally falling out of the…

  • Journal

    The Lap of Australia Begins

    We’ve got seven months left in Australia and the time has finally come to begin our crazy road trip around the entire country.  We don’t really have a plan apart from to keep the coast on our right and keep moving. The East Coast of Australia is the most developed and heavily traversed so I’d expect that we’ll spend two months heading north.  The plan is to then head inland to Uluru before driving back north to Darwin; round the West Coast to Perth before coming back towards Melbourne and then Sydney. There’s so much that we want to do that I might actually write a list.  Hopefully we’ll manage…

  • Campervan at Camp Blackman

    Four Weeks in a Campervan

    As most of you will already know, Emma and I moved into our small campervan permanently on New Year’s Day. We both agree it’s the easiest way to explore Australia but, for me at least, there’s something more to it. If you’ve been on Instagram this last hour, you’ve probably seen a million and one posts promoting #vanlife with those picture perfect scenes. A loved-up couple, bokeh-ed fairylights, mountains and a sunset. It seems every man and his dog are selling their belongings in search of a lifestyle that may or may not exist. For me, those pictures were the icing on the cake. How could you say no to…