• Rovinj, Croatia
    Croatia,  Photography

    Through The Lens: Rovinj

    For this week’s photo series we’re staying with Croatia. Just up the coast from Pula lies Rovinj, a small Venetian town. My favourite place in Croatia, it really is perfect here! All shots taken on a Nikon D5000 and the 35mm f/1.8 and 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lenses. You can check out my other posts in the ‘Through The Lens’ series here.

  • Pula, Croatia
    Croatia,  Photography

    Through The Lens: Pula

    Pula is the largest city in Croatia’s Istria region sitting alongside the Adriatic Sea.  It’s mainly an industrial city but has one of the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatres.  I’ve visited Pula twice now; once in 2008 and then again in 2015.  This part of Croatia is beautiful and I’d love to return sometime soon. All shots taken on the Nikon D5000 with the 35mm f/1.8 and 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lenses. You can check out my other posts in the ‘Through The Lens’ series here.

  • Photography

    The Great Switch: From RAW to JPEG

    I appreciate that this isn’t technically ‘travel-related’, but photography is such a big part of what I do here that I just had to write this post. It’s mainly for the photographers out there though you could just be interested for a bit of background to my images!  For a rundown of my gear for travel photography, just click here. In a debate that’s been around as long as digital cameras, RAW has always come out on top.  For those unfamiliar, a RAW image is essentially a digital negative stored directly from the camera’s sensor.  Once you get that file into an editing software such as Lightroom, you are able…

  • Australia,  Photography

    Australia From Above

    Now that my time in Australia is over, I’ve been looking through the thousands of photos I’ve taken.  I just had to invest in a drone whilst in Australia and believe that it offers such a different perspective for landscape photographers.  Whilst the quality of photos from the DJI Mavic Pro will not win any awards (you’re essentially getting smartphone camera photos from up high), I just love being able to capture things that normally you’d never see.  If you wanted to check out some inspiring Australian aerial photography, you’ve come to the right place. So, without further ado, here’s my collection of drone photos covering 15,000 miles of Australia;…

  • Photography

    Through The Lens: Staithes

    This week we’re sticking with the Yorkshire theme but this time we’re heading to the coast.  A little known fishing village, just above Whitby, Staithes is a gem on the East Coast of England. All shots were taken on a Nikon D5000 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens.  Old school I know! You can check out my other posts in the ‘Through The Lens’ series here.

  • Photography

    Through The Lens: York

    This week I’m taking you to one of my favourite cities in the UK.  I lived in York for law school and then work for about seven years so I’ve had plenty of time to scour the streets for photo opportunities.  Most of the following photos were taken on my commute to/from the train station whilst I was living in Durham!  Most went towards my (failed) attempt at the 365 project. Let me know what you think of these photos in the comments!   All shots taken on the Fujifilm X-T2 with the 23mm f/2 lens. You can check out my other posts in the ‘Through The Lens’ series here.…

  • Leeds

    Through The Lens: Leeds

    To keep things fresh around here (and now that I’m not travelling Australia), I thought I would go through some old photos and start a new series of blog posts.  This is the first of a number of posts looking at different cities/places I’ve been purely through photos.  I’m going to add minimal words and just let the photos do the talking. The first place up is Leeds, a city in Yorkshire, towards the north of England.  After recovering from my hip operation, I wandered around Leeds on a Saturday afternoon (clocking up about ten miles!) before my first gig back with my band! If you love the photos or…

  • Photography

    Eight Tips for Better Drone Photography

    If you’re reading this you’re most likely interested in drone photography.  At the moment, this type of aerial photography is incredibly popular due to the affordability of drones.  I’m still learning the craft of drone photography but I hope my tips help you! Use Exposure Bracketing This is my number one tip.  I’ll put my hands up and say that the quality of photos from drones generally is quite poor unless you’re spending thousands.  The drone I have, the popular DJI Mavic Pro, has the same size image sensor that’s in your smartphone.  Sure, 4k video quality from the Mavic is insane but the same cannot be said for its…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #4

    Here’s my fourth set of my favourite fourteen photos from the previous fourteen days. It was pretty hard to choose as I used most of my photos for blog posts or on social media. I’ve been out this morning to make sure I had enough and, oddly, four are from today! I tried to take a few long exposures in overcast conditions but the clouds just weren’t moving. I feel like my travel photography is improving as there’s endless amounts of photo-worthy spots everywhere you look in Melbourne. I can’t wait to see the rest of Australia and really test out my skills. I also can’t wait to get the…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #3

    Today marks six weeks since I started narrowing down my favourite photos to just fourteen.  I quite like to return to earlier posts to see whether those particular fourteen photos were actually any good.  I can also see a gradual progression in terms of technical quality and hopefully I’ll continue to improve over the coming months.  My favourite photos over the last fourteen days were mostly night shots.  However, to keep it interesting, I’ve tried to show a variety of photos this time. One  Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Let me know which are your favourites and, if you don’t like any,…