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    Vanlife – Week 4

    Thanks to everyone who has been reading these posts and keeping up to date with our travels.  I’ve even had a few people asking when the next update is coming.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I do and, hopefully, I’ll have some good news relating to photography in the next week or so. Last week ended with us travelling down to Cowra and setting up camp in the showground.  It was run by John, a 70+ former professional bull rider, who was incredibly friendly.  He owns the cattle farm next door and is hoping to retire soon so he can travel Australia in his caravan.  The…

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    Vanlife – Week 3

    After the disappointment that was Canberra, we drove a few 100kms back towards Sydney.  The aim was to buy and install an awning with fly nets and get the van checked over. Camden We checked out a few quirky towns on route (check out the giant merino sheep) before deciding to stay at Poplar Tourist Park in Camden.  Despite being maybe an hour or so drive from Sydney’s CBD, this was still classed as within the Sydney district. It was a relatively cheap site, at $25 a night with no power, and Camden was a pretty little town with some good pubs and a McDonalds. After our first night, we…

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    Vanlife – Week 2

    Our second week of vanlife started in Bushy Tail Caravan Park situated opposite Jervis Bay in St George’s Basin.  It was only a fifteen minute drive to the main beaches and town and, for $33.50 a night for a powered site, we couldn’t say no.  It meant we could finally charge up all of our devices and relax by knowing we didn’t have to find a free camp. The park itself was mostly permanent sites with only one or two for people like us.  We didn’t really take in the name of the park until, out of nowhere, two kangaroos just bounced passed the side of us and stood eating…

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    Vanlife – Week 1

    2018 is finally here and the 1st of January brought with it a lifestyle completely different to what we are used to. We’ve gone from the complete safety of a secure job to a living in a van not knowing where we will spend the night. We are settling well into life on the road and we’ll be exploring mostly south of Sydney until the end of February. On New Year’s Day, after practically hiking round Sydney’s insanely huge CBD, we set off to find a free campsite in Jamberoo. Jamberoo is about two hours south of Sydney and only a fifteen minute drive from Kiama right on the coast.…

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    Melbourne to Sydney: The Road Trip

    Our introduction to vanlife was a three day road trip all the way from Melbourne to Sydney for New Year’s Eve.  When you think of firework displays at NYE, you think of Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Spending NYE overlooking Sydney Harbour was a must do on our list and we’d paid over the odds to make sure we had a hotel close to the centre. We plan to free camp as often as possible in an attempt to save money and so the planned route was from Melbourne to Lake Hume to Kangaroo Valley to Sydney. Now I’ve read a lot about Australia and road trips; about the distance between cities…

  • Boxing Day Test, Melbourne Cricket Ground

    The Last of Melbourne

    Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. It’s hard to believe that our time in Melbourne is already over.  I love Melbourne and, although I haven’t been anywhere else in Australia, it may well be my favourite place.  I have been looking forward to getting out of the city though and exploring more. To bring us almost right up to date, this post will cover the highlights of our last couple of weeks in Melbourne. Carols in the Park In an attempt to get in the Christmas spirit, we went out to South Yarra to watch some famous Australian singers (we didn’t know who!) and choirs…

  • Kokoda Track Memorial Walk

    Weekly Review – 10/12

    If you’ve been wondering why my weekly review post is late, I’m sorry but I’ve spent about three days editing my first travel video.  It seems everyone these days is filming travel videos and uploading them to YouTube.  Some are of (very) questionable quality and I don’t want my videos to be in that category.  I want to publish videos that I would be happy watching.  I’m happy with my first video, of a night spent in St Kilda, although I’ve got so much to learn still.  I know nothing about codecs or bitrates! Well if you’re interested and want to watch my first video, here it is. We have…

  • Star Wars X-Wing

    Weekly Review – 03/12

    Wow where has the year gone? I can’t believe it’s December already and we’ve only got two weeks left in Melbourne.  I’m not sure that I’ll be able to regularly post whilst we’re living on the road but, whenever we have WI-FI, I’ll try to upload a weekly review post! We managed to fit quite a bit in this week although our list is far from empty.  There’s still a few things that have planned or want to do so hopefully we’ll have enough time.  This week we’ve also begun to organise the flat and decide what to send home! Space will be at a premium in our campervan. Sunday…

  • Flinders Street Station

    Weekly Review – 26/11

    I’ve been getting a bit confused recently as to how to properly date these weekly review articles. They cover the last week, normally from Saturday to Monday, although I think I’ve included too many days recently. So going forward, the date in the title will be a Sunday and I’ll go from Sunday to Sunday. The article will still be published on a Monday. Oh and if you’re still patiently waiting to watch my YouTube channel, it’s coming don’t worry. I’ve just been ordering more goodies to turn my camera into a film-making machine. Once the final item is received, it won’t be too long. I’ve already set a goal…

  • Berlin Bar

    Weekly Review – 18/11

    Hi everyone! Welcome back for another instalment of our weekly review which, by now, is probably boring you all!  If you’re still interested in reading what we’re up to, I’m very grateful. Night Noodle Market This week we went to the Night Noodle Market, a huge food festival set out on the river bank.  We had heard only good things about the festival and I really wanted to go just to try the Peking duck fries. The good thing about the festival is that payments could only be made by card so the queues quickly went down.  We ordered our food from Cloud Thief, a stall from one of Sydney’s…