• Two Palm Trees in Kodachrome II

    A Week in Crete in Kodachrome II

    As you all know, I love the colours that come straight out of Fujifilm cameras; it’s why I shoot JPEG. Every couple of months, I’ll mix up my fifth custom setting slot and try something a little different. This time I was intrigued by Ritchie Roesch’s Kodachrome II settings and dialled them into my X-T2. The Kodachrome II ‘look’ was one that I thought would match the summer vibes of a week’s break in Crete. Clean, colourful and slightly vintage; my kind of style. Steve McCurry, a brilliant photographer most famous for the iconic ‘Afghan Girl’ portrait, used Kodachrome extensively. He shot the last roll of Kodachrome ever. He described…

  • View from the top of the central tower at Durham Cathedral
    United Kingdom

    Getting High at Durham Cathedral

    No, not that type of ‘high’ before you ask.  The Central Tower at Durham Cathedral has now re-opened after three years of pain-staking reconstruction.  For you and other travellers to the city, this means that you can experience the best views of Durham from the highest point.  You can also take in how hard the restoration must have been.  The particular stone used to build Durham Cathedral weathers very quickly.  So whilst the new stone might seem bright and very out of place, it won’t take long before it ages and this whole process starts again. Durham Cathedral is a must-do for any visitor to the city.  The interior is…