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    I’m Back

    I’ve been really lazy recently with the blog and haven’t put in the effort it deserves, so if anyone was wondering where I’ve been, I’m sorry.  We’ve got a lot to catch up on so I’ve created a few posts bringing us right up to date. The Warrumbungles, Dubbo & Young From Lawyer to Fruit Picker The Proposal Alex Visits Sydney The Lap of Australia Begins      

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    The Lap of Australia Begins

    We’ve got seven months left in Australia and the time has finally come to begin our crazy road trip around the entire country.  We don’t really have a plan apart from to keep the coast on our right and keep moving. The East Coast of Australia is the most developed and heavily traversed so I’d expect that we’ll spend two months heading north.  The plan is to then head inland to Uluru before driving back north to Darwin; round the West Coast to Perth before coming back towards Melbourne and then Sydney. There’s so much that we want to do that I might actually write a list.  Hopefully we’ll manage…

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    Alex Visits Sydney

    My long time great friend Alex came over from England to visit us for two weeks and so we booked into an Airbnb in Erskineville, a suburb of Sydney.  We hadn’t really explored Sydney too much so we were looking forward to seeing what it had to offer and catch up with Alex. The highlights being the Bondi to Coogee Walk, Palm Beach and Newtown.  We had a fantastic time with many drinks consumed and some amazing food.  Alex treated us to a meal at the local pub (smoked meats!) to celebrate our engagement.  Our last day was spent in Palm Beach with a BBQ just by the beach.   The…

  • Engagement Ring, Sunrise at Lincoln Rock, Australia

    The Proposal

    I’m not really one for romance but everything came together for me to ask Emma to marry me on 2nd March 2018.  It was always going to happen, I just had to find the right time and place. Cue finishing fruit picking on the Friday and setting off back towards Sydney with a stop off in the Blue Mountains.  With a story of how I needed to get an photo from a spot I’d seen on Instagram, I’d managed to get Emma out of the van, over the roadside barrier and down towards the cliff edge. As you will see from the photos, I’d arranged for a sunset picnic overlooking…

  • Picking Plums on the farm in Australia

    From Lawyer to Fruit Picker

    It’s 5:30am and the alarm is ringing for another early start.  By the time 6:30am comes, you’re wide awake, freezing but ready to pick as many plums as humanly possible before the heat kicks in. After housesitting in Young, we headed north to a farm just outside Orange where you could camp for free and pick plums for $2 a box.  It doesn’t sound great but we wanted to make some money so we had some guilt free spends in Sydney. This was the first time Emma and I had worked together and we teamed up to try and fill as many 8kg boxes of plums as we could.  Unfortunately,…

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    The Warrumbungles, Dubbo & Young

    This post takes us right back to the beginning of February.  We realised that we’d spent far too much money in January on food, on petrol and on campsites.  The initial plan was to spend less time on the move.  However, we also wanted to visit the Warrumbungle National Park and Siding Spring Observatory. I’d been wanting to see the stars from the Warrumbungle National Park since watching Stargazing Live on BBC2.  It’s Australia’s only dark sky park and is perfect for stargazing. We managed a trip up to the Siding Spring Observatory (where Stargazing Live is broadcast from) but we could only get in during the day as it’s…