• Kokoda Track Memorial Walk

    Weekly Review – 10/12

    If you’ve been wondering why my weekly review post is late, I’m sorry but I’ve spent about three days editing my first travel video.  It seems everyone these days is filming travel videos and uploading them to YouTube.  Some are of (very) questionable quality and I don’t want my videos to be in that category.  I want to publish videos that I would be happy watching.  I’m happy with my first video, of a night spent in St Kilda, although I’ve got so much to learn still.  I know nothing about codecs or bitrates! Well if you’re interested and want to watch my first video, here it is. We have…

  • Star Wars X-Wing

    Weekly Review – 03/12

    Wow where has the year gone? I can’t believe it’s December already and we’ve only got two weeks left in Melbourne.  I’m not sure that I’ll be able to regularly post whilst we’re living on the road but, whenever we have WI-FI, I’ll try to upload a weekly review post! We managed to fit quite a bit in this week although our list is far from empty.  There’s still a few things that have planned or want to do so hopefully we’ll have enough time.  This week we’ve also begun to organise the flat and decide what to send home! Space will be at a premium in our campervan. Sunday…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #4

    Here’s my fourth set of my favourite fourteen photos from the previous fourteen days. It was pretty hard to choose as I used most of my photos for blog posts or on social media. I’ve been out this morning to make sure I had enough and, oddly, four are from today! I tried to take a few long exposures in overcast conditions but the clouds just weren’t moving. I feel like my travel photography is improving as there’s endless amounts of photo-worthy spots everywhere you look in Melbourne. I can’t wait to see the rest of Australia and really test out my skills. I also can’t wait to get the…

  • Flinders Street Station

    Weekly Review – 26/11

    I’ve been getting a bit confused recently as to how to properly date these weekly review articles. They cover the last week, normally from Saturday to Monday, although I think I’ve included too many days recently. So going forward, the date in the title will be a Sunday and I’ll go from Sunday to Sunday. The article will still be published on a Monday. Oh and if you’re still patiently waiting to watch my YouTube channel, it’s coming don’t worry. I’ve just been ordering more goodies to turn my camera into a film-making machine. Once the final item is received, it won’t be too long. I’ve already set a goal…

  • Melbourne CBD

    How to Visit Melbourne on a Budget

    If you’re planning on spending any time in the world’s most liveable city, you won’t be surprised to read that it can be expensive.  There’s nothing wrong with a weekend splurge trip but, if you’re here for any longer, you’ll want to know how to save some of your hard earned money.  Well, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve got all the tips for getting the most out of Melbourne on a budget.  I’m not holding out to be an expert but I’ve lived here for almost two months and have to save wherever I can! Free Tram Zone The Free Tram Zone will be your best friend…