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Weekly Review – 18/11

Hi everyone! Welcome back for another instalment of our weekly review which, by now, is probably boring you all!  If you’re still interested in reading what we’re up to, I’m very grateful.

Night Noodle Market

This week we went to the Night Noodle Market, a huge food festival set out on the river bank.  We had heard only good things about the festival and I really wanted to go just to try the Peking duck fries.

The good thing about the festival is that payments could only be made by card so the queues quickly went down.  We ordered our food from Cloud Thief, a stall from one of Sydney’s famous restaurants.  We ordered the Trifecta, three bao’s (steamed buns) filled with duck, belly pork and crispy fried chicken.  Unfortunately, by the time we got served, they had run out of duck but had Peking beef fries as a back-up.  $35 might have been a little expensive but the food was pretty tasty!

Cloud Thief Baos
Night Noodle Market
Night Noodle Market Entrance
Night Noodle Market


On Wednesday, we celebrated our anniversary with a few too many drinks round some of Melbourne’s quirkiest bars.  The top two being the Berlin Bar and the Croft Institute.  One being based on the Berlin wall, with two distinct sections of the bar.  The Croft Institute is essentially like an old mental asylum, very creepy but where else can you drink your cocktail out of a syringe.  I’ll do a separate post on my favourite bars in Melbourne soon.

Loop Bar
The Croft Institute
Berlin Bar
Berlin Bar Cocktails

We were meant to go for a meal but that quickly turned into a slice of pizza from a bar and more drinks! I fancied a few bets at Crown Casino so we headed a mile across town for the roulette and pokies.  We did eventually win. A huge $7.

Another Storm

It’s been so hot recently it would only seem right that nature needs to let off a little steam.  A huge storm came by on Friday with a lightning show that lasted at least twenty minutes.  The raw power of nature was incredible to witness.  Unfortunately, the lightning did claim the life of a young woman after a couple were struck whilst walking through a park.  A horrible thought.


We saved our exploring for Saturday as the maximum public transport cost is just $6.  Not bad for a train, bus, tram, bus, train, train and another train.  Here’s a map of where we went:

Melbourne Map

We checked out the Etsy Local market followed by the best souvlaki I’ve ever had at the Greek Street Food festival.  We then walked through Yarra Bend Park which is the closest you can get to the Australian bush in the city.  I’d wanted to find some street art that I’d seen on Instagram.  We only managed to find one but it was hilarious!


Yarra Bend Park
Yarra Bend Park Street Art
North Korea Street Art
Yarra Bend Park

We also managed to catch the sunset down at Brighton Beach.  The day was very moody but we were treated to a crazy sunset full of reds and oranges.  Although it might look picture perfect, there were hundreds of flies trying to get in our mouths and ears! Not nice.

Brighton Beach Sunset
Brighton Beach Huts
Brighton Beach Sunset
Brighton Beach Sunset

The best part of this week will be revealed in the next few days but it tops getting a Mavic Pro drone so you know it must be good!


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