• Smith Street - Collingwood

    Weekly Review – 21/10

    In addition to the new fortnightly photo posts, I am now going to write a post each week summarising what went down.  Kind of like a weekly review except with no bosses and no targets.  Not only will it be a good way for family and friends to keep up to date, we will be able to look back and reminiscence once our travels are over. I easily forget what we’ve done each week; not because it’s boring and unremarkable but because we’re seeing so much.  Also, every day is like the weekend and I’m not stuck in the same old routine.  My brain doesn’t know what’s hit it. In…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #1

    I’ve been working hard a lot recently behind the scenes and came up with quite a lot of ideas as to how to increase my online presence.  I have taken so many photos already and I’ve only been in Australia for two weeks.  I expect to take 1,000’s more and I want to share them easily.  Most will be going straight into detailed blog posts and some will be going on to my social media accounts.  However, I thought that some photos would be suited to their own post; a kind of exclusivity deal. So, every two weeks, I’ll be creating a post of my favourite fourteen photos from the…

  • Fitzroy Street


    Last week we headed to one of my most anticipated locations in Melbourne; Fitzroy.  Melbourne’s oldest suburb has the ‘cool’ factor.  It’s where the hipsters come to drink their flat whites and eat brunch.  This is my kind of place. History Fitzroy, as a suburb of Melbourne, dates back to 1839 but was officially separated from the city in 1858.  There were factories aplenty surrounding Fitzroy and the area quickly became filled with working class families.  It had a slum reputation until the 1960’s when regeneration commenced. To get there, we headed on foot through Fitzroy Gardens where the city high rises suddenly give way to expansive open space.  It…

  • Flagstaff Gardens

    Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

    I don’t want to make too many people jealous but, as I sit here and type this post, I’m sat in 30 degree heat in Flagstaff Gardens. Everyone else seems to have the same idea too. There are people playing frisbee, playing guitar and doing yoga. I’m not sure anyone actually works out here. I could get used to this lifestyle. According to the many plaques, the gardens are named after the flag pole that was situated at the top of the hill. The settlers could send signals down to the ships in the docklands. Now though, you cannot quite see the docklands but it’s still a beautiful place to…

  • Australian Intersection

    Welcome to Melbourne

    I can’t believe it’s a week now since we moved to Melbourne, Australia.  I’m only just starting to feel awake again thanks to jet lag, something I’ve never experienced before.  I’ve read that, for every time zone you cross during a flight, it takes one day to recover.  I count ten and therefore, hopefully, by Wednesday I should be feeling as fresh as a daisy.  Whilst we are such a long way from home, it really doesn’t feel like it.  Everything we have seen so far is very familiar and we’re able to speak with family and friends like normal. This week has mostly been spent settling in to our…

  • Europe,  Poland

    Gdansk: What Not To Miss

    I recently spent a full weekend in Gdansk, on Poland’s Baltic Coast, for my Dad’s 50th birthday.  In February, as you can imagine, the weather was freezing but that didn’t stop us from exploring.  Most of the city was destroyed during WWII but has been immaculately restored and is well worth a visit. If you’re heading for a weekend away or plan on spending longer in the city; here are a few of Gdansk’s attractions that cannot be missed. St Mary’s Church A trip to Gdansk would not be complete without a visit to one of the largest gothic brick churches in the world.  The church can be seen from…

  • Ultimate Travel Photography Gear

    Ultimate Travel Photography Gear

    The last couple of weeks have been full to the brim with packing and visiting family and friends.  I love photography and I’ve tried to create the ultimate set-up for travelling by investing wisely.  I cannot wait to put the equipment through its paces. Fujifilm X-T2 I’ve owned this camera for approximately ten months now and, every time I use it, I’m blown away.  This is practically my dream camera. I love the retro styling which has led to many people asking if I’m still shooting film.  For travel photography, I wanted a mirrorless camera that didn’t compromise on image quality.  Much has been written about Fujifilm’s sensors and colour…