How Many Countries Have I Been To?

Before I set off to Australia in just over one week, I wanted to work out exactly how many countries I have already visited. I’ve seen many people with goals to visit X number before reaching a milestone age. I’m less than two years away from turning 30 and I’ve often thought about setting my own goal. I’d love to visit all 196 nations but that really is just a pipe dream. It’s probably almost impossible too in this day and age.

Image of Rovinj in Croatia; one of the countries I have visited

If I was to guess, I’d say I had visited at least twenty countries already.

The List

  1. Belgium
  2. Croatia
  3. Cyprus
  4. Czech Republic
  5. France
  6. Greece
  7. Hungary
  8. Israel
  9. Italy
  10. Netherlands
  11. Poland
  12. Spain
  13. United Kingdom

Image of Aphrodites' Rock in Cyprus taken in 2000

Unfortunately, I have fallen far short of the twenty countries I thought I had visited. If I was able to add another seven before the age of 30, I’d be pretty pleased. With our plans, that is certainly achievable.

How many countries have you been to? Is there one country that I cannot afford to miss? Let me know!

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