• Leeds

    Through The Lens: Leeds

    To keep things fresh around here (and now that I’m not travelling Australia), I thought I would go through some old photos and start a new series of blog posts.  This is the first of a number of posts looking at different cities/places I’ve been purely through photos.  I’m going to add minimal words and just let the photos do the talking. The first place up is Leeds, a city in Yorkshire, towards the north of England.  After recovering from my hip operation, I wandered around Leeds on a Saturday afternoon (clocking up about ten miles!) before my first gig back with my band! If you love the photos or…

  • Photography

    Eight Tips for Better Drone Photography

    If you’re reading this you’re most likely interested in drone photography.  At the moment, this type of aerial photography is incredibly popular due to the affordability of drones.  I’m still learning the craft of drone photography but I hope my tips help you! Use Exposure Bracketing This is my number one tip.  I’ll put my hands up and say that the quality of photos from drones generally is quite poor unless you’re spending thousands.  The drone I have, the popular DJI Mavic Pro, has the same size image sensor that’s in your smartphone.  Sure, 4k video quality from the Mavic is insane but the same cannot be said for its…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #4

    Here’s my fourth set of my favourite fourteen photos from the previous fourteen days. It was pretty hard to choose as I used most of my photos for blog posts or on social media. I’ve been out this morning to make sure I had enough and, oddly, four are from today! I tried to take a few long exposures in overcast conditions but the clouds just weren’t moving. I feel like my travel photography is improving as there’s endless amounts of photo-worthy spots everywhere you look in Melbourne. I can’t wait to see the rest of Australia and really test out my skills. I also can’t wait to get the…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #3

    Today marks six weeks since I started narrowing down my favourite photos to just fourteen.  I quite like to return to earlier posts to see whether those particular fourteen photos were actually any good.  I can also see a gradual progression in terms of technical quality and hopefully I’ll continue to improve over the coming months.  My favourite photos over the last fourteen days were mostly night shots.  However, to keep it interesting, I’ve tried to show a variety of photos this time. One  Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Let me know which are your favourites and, if you don’t like any,…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #2

    Welcome back!  Here’s the second installment of my favourite fourteen photos from the previous fourteen days.   It’s been hard to pick this week for two reasons.  Firstly, I haven’t taken as many as over the previous weeks and, secondly, I’ve liked some photos so much I’ve already posted them.  Going forward I’ll learn to save more of my best (in my opinion) photos for these articles rather than posting them on Instagram.  I have to remember that Instagram likes won’t pay all of the bills but this website might one day. Let me know which are your favourites in the comments! One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine…

  • Australia,  Photography

    14 Photos | 14 Days | #1

    I’ve been working hard a lot recently behind the scenes and came up with quite a lot of ideas as to how to increase my online presence.  I have taken so many photos already and I’ve only been in Australia for two weeks.  I expect to take 1,000’s more and I want to share them easily.  Most will be going straight into detailed blog posts and some will be going on to my social media accounts.  However, I thought that some photos would be suited to their own post; a kind of exclusivity deal. So, every two weeks, I’ll be creating a post of my favourite fourteen photos from the…

  • Ultimate Travel Photography Gear

    Ultimate Travel Photography Gear

    The last couple of weeks have been full to the brim with packing and visiting family and friends.  I love photography and I’ve tried to create the ultimate set-up for travelling by investing wisely.  I cannot wait to put the equipment through its paces. Fujifilm X-T2 I’ve owned this camera for approximately ten months now and, every time I use it, I’m blown away.  This is practically my dream camera. I love the retro styling which has led to many people asking if I’m still shooting film.  For travel photography, I wanted a mirrorless camera that didn’t compromise on image quality.  Much has been written about Fujifilm’s sensors and colour…

  • Chania Harbour, Crete
    Greece,  Photography

    15 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Crete

    I love Greece and its many islands.  There’s something about the weather, the beaches, the locals and the food that keeps me coming back for more.  I’ve visited Kefalonia, Rhodes and Zakynthos previously and, last year, I was able to spend two weeks in Crete. Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands with many blue flag beaches and unspoilt mountainous scenery.  The sunsets were some of the most colourful I have ever seen.  I even got a glimpse of the Milky Way for the first ever time! We had our base at a private villa just outside of Platanias, on the north-west side of the island.  This allowed for…

  • Czech Republic,  Photography

    Prague Doesn’t Let Go: My Favourite Photos of Prague

    I’ve now been to Prague four times in the last three years and it’s definitely got under my skin.  It’s somewhere I could keep going back to without ever getting tired. It’s the city of a thousand spires and everywhere you look there is something new.  From the cobbled streets and bridges to the graffiti covered walls and strange staircases, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few photos of Prague. I’ve written a few words too about my second visit to Prague over at Roam Magazine.  However, below is a collection of my favourite photos of Prague.  If you’d like any recommendations, let me know and I’ll try to help…