Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

Well I didn’t have the best start to these weekly challenges. The one I’ve just posted, Favourite Place, turned out to be from March!

I promise this time this post is for THIS week. When I think of prolific, I’m reminded of the never ending plums we picked to earn petrol money to fund our adventure.

6 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific”

  1. These are beauties…what lovely blush on them…so happy summer is on the way here in the US.

    1. It’s beginning to turn into winter over in Australia! However we’re heading north chasing the sun

      1. Timelesslady says: Reply

        I don’t blame you…wish I could avoid winter. 🙂

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  3. Yum, they look delicious!!

    1. They were! I just never want to see a plum again haha!

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